Kalbarri, Pink Lake, and Abrolhos Full Day Tour

Kalbarri, Pink Lake, and Abrolhos Full Day Tour
From AUD $670.00
  • Duration: 6 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Moonyoonooka, Western Australia
  • Product code: KPAFDT

Tour Details:

Time duration: 6 hrs. Departing from Geraldton, guests will fly direct to Port Gregory - the historic fishing village which back in the 1850's was once was a busy port for the export of lead and the site of a whaling station. You will see the Hutt Lagoon or the "pink lake" which produces beta carotene, a lucrative aquaculture crop estimated to be worth more than $50M a year worldwide.
Following the coastline you will fly past the spectacular coastal cliffs south of Kalbarri, the mouth of the Murchison River and the town of Kalbarri, following the River to Murchison House Station, and then direct to the Loop and the Z Bend gorges of the Murchison River. We follow the River south until it turns to the east towards its source many kilometres to the north east.
After the Kalbarri and Pink Lake part of the tour, guests will be flown to the Abrolhos Islands. The beautiful aerial scenic flight includes overflying the fascinating islands in the Pelsaert Group, the Easter Group and the Wallabi Group.You will see beautiful coral, marine life and fishermen's camps and pearl farms, and the historical Wiebbe Hayes' Fort - which is the first European building on Australian soil - before landing at East Wallabi Island. 

Guests walk down to the beautiful Turtle Bay and enjoy morning tea, go snorkelling over the stunning coral in Turtle Bay and enjoy a guided nature walk around the Island, which includes bird watching and wallabi spotting. Lunch will be provided during lunch time. 

The return flight takes guests over Long Island, Beacon Island and the Batavia Wreck Site before landing back in Geraldton . 

Please bring your own snorkeling gear due to Covid-19 situation.

Cancellation Policy

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