Abrolhos Islands Boat Charter Half Day Tour

Abrolhos Islands Boat Charter Half Day Tour
From AUD $2,260.00
  • Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Moonyoonooka, Western Australia
  • Product code: AIBCHDT


Before you purchase this product, please make sure you have contacted us and asked the availability of this boat charter tour.

Bookings without contacting us about the availability of this boat charter tour is not accepted.

Our regular tour

  • Fishing or
    Snorkelling the coral reefs, seeing crayfish and fish or Swimming 
  • Western Rock Lobster
    fishing - pulling a pot &  Seal watching  &
    Dolphin and Coral reef watching from the boat


       Western Rock Lobster fishing - pulling a pot & Cooking lobsters on the island

Or you can customise your trip by selecting 2 major activities from (Every major activity's time duration is around 1.5 hrs):

  • Fishing
  • Snorkelling the coral
    reefs and seeing lobsters and fish or Swimming (Please see "Please
  • Western Rock Lobster
    fishing - pulling a pot (lobsters caught in the pot can be taken
    home)  &  Seal watching  & Dolphin and Coral
    reef watching from the boat (Please see "Please  Note")
  • Western Rock Lobster
    fishing - pulling a pot & cooking lobsters on the island (Please
    see "Please Note")
  • Surfing
  • Island exploring
  • Observing the Batavia
    wreck site (weather permitting)
  • Visiting the stone
    fort constructed by Weibbe Hayes in 1629 – Australia’s first European

Please Note:

  • Total tour fee is
    based on total passenger numbers (1 or 2 pax:$2100; 3 pax $2400; 4 pax
    $2700; 5 pax $3000). If you have less than 5 passengers in your group, we
    will charge you 48 hours before the tour day according to the number of
    other passengers. The more passengers, the lower your personal price will
  • Maximum 5 passengers.
    Minimum age is 6 years old and anyone is 16 years old or under must be
    accompanied by an adult. Kids under 6 years old are not allowed to book
    due to safety reasons.
  • Tours depart from
    Geraldton and run subject to weather conditions with all activities
    being varied according to weather conditions.
  • No refund on
    cancellation less than 48 hours before tour day. No refund on tours
    already commenced. Tours cancelled due to weather or mechanical failure
    will be refunded.
  • Additional hours on
    the boat will be considered at $500 per hour.
  • Seeing lobsters during
    snorkelling, catching lobsters, seeing dolphins and seals are not
    100% guaranteed as they are all wildlife, but we will try our best to make
    it happen. Cooking lobsters is available only when there are lobsters
    caught in the pot.
  • It is recommended that
    people who can’t swim should not attempt swimming while on this tour. For
    those who can swim but would like a life jacket, these can be requested
    from GAC’s office before departure.
  • Snorkelling gear
    including flippers, snorkels and masks will be provided in GAC's office
    but we do recommend passengers bring their own masks and snorkels. We
    cannot guarantee that our masks will suit everyone's face.
  • Fishing gear and bait
    will be provided on the boat.
  • Surfboards are not
    provided. If the passenger number is below 4,  an extra charge may be
    applied for upgrading the aeroplane in order to accommodate your